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Unlock tax-free cash and no monthly repayments to make!

A lifetime mortgage allows you to release money from your home. You can choose whether or not to make any interest payments throughout the life of the mortgage. This mortgage (as well as any accumulated interest or charges) will be repaid when you die or you move into long-term care using the money that’s generated from the sale of your home. How much money you can release from your home will depend on your age and your home’s value. To be eligible for a lifetime mortgage, you must be over 55 years old, own your own home and be a UK resident.

Retirement lending or Lifetime mortgage  can provide the option to receive a lump sum or draw down facility.

Use for a holiday, buy a new car,  home and garden improvements, clear existing debt or as a family gift such as a deposit towards a mortgage or school fees.

Maintain 100% Home Ownership with no negative equity guarantee.

For a better retirement please call us for a personal illustration. We are qualified and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we take steps to act in the best interests of our customers and to treat them fairly. An equity release product can be a positive way to make the most of your retirement.

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