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House price rise £6,700 as London brings the average up 5k

House prices in England and Wales have risen £6,700 in the last year according to the LSL/Acadametrics house price index released today.

This leaves the average house price at £230,078 – but, without London, house prices would be just £1,117 higher. This follows a steady increase in house prices, with prices only haven fallen once in the 16 months.

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UK rents continues to rise

London continues to lead the average rental figures with the centre of the capital attracting rents of £2,387 per month, while those in Outer London averaged £1,107.

The firm reported that the average monthly rent in Inner London is now over four times the average in Scotland.

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Is this the cheapest ever fixed-rate mortgage?

Yorkshire and Chelsea building societies have cut mortgage rates but increased fees. Should home owners take advantage of the latest salvo in the mortgage price war?

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Will Cameron and Osborne Cave to pressure over mansion tax?

At the Conservative party conference in October, prime minister David Cameron and chancellor George Osborne were emphatic – there will be no mansion tax.

Osborne warned against “clobbering” people who lived in expensive homes, while Cameron said simply it is “not going to happen”. Osborne repeated his robust opposition in the autumn statement in December.

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Mortgages in 2013

Mortgage lending to rise 9pc in 2013 says CML.

The CML forecasts that gross lending would hit £156bn in 2013, up from £143bn last year and £141bn in 2011. Figures released show that gross mortgage lending reached £11.7bn in December.

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