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Company Medical Insurance

Company Medical Insurance is similar to traditional medical insurance but provided by a company to their employees, often as a taxable benefit. Large company schemes have the advantage of spreading the risk over a number of people and can often benefit from very competitive premiums as a result. The bigger schemes can also benefit from a type of underwriting called ‘medical history disregarded’ (MHD) – this means that new employees can be added to the insurance and all their pre-existing medical conditions can be covered immediately irrespective of their previous medical conditions or claims. Usually, smaller company schemes and individual policies are only able to cover existing conditions, and rule out prior conditions.


Employee benefits

Employee well being is a top priority for employers, which is why business owners look for solutions that can help keep staff happy and healthy, and support their return to health when they need it most.

Choosing the right healthcare benefits scheme is an important part of your workplace health strategy.

Our experienced adviser works with a panel of leading corporate healthcare insurers..including Aviva, Citrus, Freedon Healthcare & Vitality Health by creating comprehensive policies to meet company employee needs.

With a unique mix of great medical cover providing you a healthier, happier, more productive team. It also gives your employees fast access to private GPs, consultants, hospitals, high-quality treatment and a Full Cover Care.

Our comprehensive research technology and tools, update daily to source you the most up to date rates available.

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