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Covering your bills

How do people cope financially if they find themselves unable to work as result of an accident or illness?

Employers generally provide sick pay cover for a short period of work absence, but what happens if your illness or injury means your off work long-term and the household bills still need to be paid. Once sick pay ends (or once outstanding invoices are settled for the self-employed), they can then be reliant on State benefits. Incapacity benefit is taxable and it is based on a number of strict objective tests that are applied in deciding whether it can be claimed. Extra benefits, such as income support are only paid if the claimant’s income is very low indeed and many benefits are paid more or less at the discretion of the Department for Work and Pensions.

  • 5,800,000 people in the UK of working age (16-65) have a long-standing illness, disability or impairment which causes substantial difficulty with day-to-day activities. That’s about 1 in 4 of the working population. 
  • Each year over 300,000 people become unable to work due to health-related reasons. 
  • On average we have enough savings for just 29 days if our household income suddenly stops. 
  • It could cost over £31,500 a year to pay someone to replace a Mum’s domestic work and nearly £24,000 for a Dad. 

The cost of providing cover against the worst that life can throw at us is relatively inexpensive. We can advise on a range of policies to suit your specific circumstances

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