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Private medical insurance (PMI) and its benefits

Speed of access to treatment 
For many people, this is the biggest advantage of private medical insurance. Being covered by private health insurance means that you’ll receive prompt attention when you need it, without delays for an appointment through the NHS waiting list for your surgery or treatment.

Choice of timing
Patients with private medical insurance can choose when to have treatment for less urgent problems. For example, you could fit elective surgery around your work schedule or other commitments, or choose to have treatment when friends or family are free to help with childcare.

Specialist & choice of hospital
As well as choosing the timing of your treatment, private medical insurance also allows you to choose the hospital you are treated at and the consultant or surgeon who treats you, although the number of hospitals available to you will depend on your level of private medical insurance cover.

High standard of facilities
Most private hospitals, and private wings within NHS establishments, will provide a private en suite accommodation, choice of a la carte menu, open visiting and many other premium facilities.

With access to a panel of Private Medical Insurance providers including Aviva, Citrus, Freedom Healthcare & Vitality, we're able to provide a consultancy approach for both corporate and individual needs, and will carefully tailor the type and level of cover to suit.

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If insurance premiums are not maintained, then cover will lapse and you may not be covered if a claim is made.

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